Buzzed Bees 360 Mg Delta 9 THC Hemp Honey

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Buzzed Bees 360 Mg Delta 9 THC Hemp Honey

2 reviews for Buzzed Bees 360 Mg Delta 9 THC Hemp Honey

  1. Carol Anderson

    We bought this wonderful elixir at their tent set up at the Zilker Park trail of lights during the holidays. We have never ever tried THC in any form. My husband is a %100 disabled veteran and has troubles falling asleep and staying asleep. I suffer with pinched nerves in my neck awaiting surgery soon. We bought two jars and he gifted us a pure honey jar of the same size. I did not know what to expect, he advised me to mix the pure jar with the 360mg THC jar and it taste fine. I mixed it with some hot tea. Last night was my third time using it and I did not hurt.
    I would recommend this honey to anyone and everyone needing relief.
    It beats taking multiple medications and especially opioids.
    For my self I only need one tablespoon of my mix to a cup of tea. It was very long lasting and I suggest you try various dosages, it was different for the two of us.
    Again I fully support and recommend this product!

  2. LaVerne Hernandez

    This honey is delicious! It’s dark and flavorful. There is no bitter taste. I just take 1/4 teaspoon before bedtime and I sleep all night. For tea, I add my 1/4 t and supplement with my regular local honey to adjust the sweetness. I love it! I will definitely buy another jar.

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