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Raw wildflower honey from Texas.
This is the honey we use for all of our other Cannabees brand CBD honey…. without the CBD.
Currently available at Central Market. https://www.centralmarket.com/

2 reviews for Raw Honey

  1. M Johnson

    The honey itself tastes wonderful. I’d give 5 stars for taste but for the following reason I am unable to. I am very disappointed in the misrepresentation as to the sourcing of the honey. Yesterday, 9/18/23, I was at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Wa. and saw the Bee Delightful booth. The first question I asked was “where is the honey sourced?” The response I received from the rep was “Gig Harbor, WA”. I was really excited as I’ve been having trouble locating local honey. So I purchased four, 1 pound jars. Upon researching your site I am finding that your rep was mistaken, or openly lied. We were looking for locally sourced honey to help with local allergies and to help build immunity to local allergens, which was shared with the rep. Unfortunately, your honey won’t help with that since, according to your website, this is honey sourced in Texas. I would recommend that your reps are fully informed as to the sourcing of your honey. The misrepresentation looks bad on your company. And leaves a bad taste in the consumers mouth.

  2. M Johnson

    Response to my initial review was quick, and appreciated! It was brought to my attention that although there is no labeling on the bottle or on the website to state that the honey I purchased was local Western Washington honey, it is, and they are working on a label to add this information to their local products. Thank you!

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