What’s your earliest memory of honey?

Perhaps, it’s Winnie the Pooh savoring a pot.

A golden spoonful dipped into a cup of hot tea. The gooey, satisfying center of a lozenge to soothe a scratchy throat. A translucent stream drizzled onto a mound of granola. The light coating on a serving of warm carrots.

Hemp Honey Roasted Carrots, made with Canna Bees

(Oh, bother, who’s hungry?)

Lucky for us, honey is a part of our American food culture.

Historically, it has been used to treat and heal wounds and illnesses in both the biblical and Roman times and during the reigns of English kings and queens. 

What exactly is honey anyway?

The short answer: It’s nectar. Here’s the longer, more technical definition from Dana Hunnes, a senior dietitian at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, as given in a recent Time article.

“Bees collect the dilute-sugary nectar of flora plants, produce an enzymatic activity after ingestion, regurgitate it into honey cells and evaporate a high percentage of the water out of it, producing a super-sweet viscous liquid known as honey.”

Per the article, honey is mostly composed of fructose and glucose, which are simple sugars that the body converts into energy and water.

Today, we continue to reach for the honey pot as we learn more about the numerous beneficial properties of raw honey. It’s important to emphasize that it’s raw honey, as the high heat of pasteurization destroys many of the benefits.

The benefits of raw honey get even sweeter when they’re combined with the much-buzzed about cannabidiol (CBD). It’s a natural, powerful pairing.

Bee Delightful’s Canna Bees offer the very best of these two worlds with its products.

We start with a blend of the finest wildflower honey with a little honey from our rescued bees in Central Texas. Our beekeepers exclusively practice treatment-free beekeeping using the highest ethical standards in the industry, producing the cleanest, pesticide-free honey on the market. Then we infuse this incredible raw honey with a carefully extracted, naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) from organic hemp farms in Colorado, Oregon and Kentucky. Our products are safe and sweet.

So what can you do with our honey? The possibilities are deliciously endless. Add them to a variety of baked goods, fresh lemonade, chai, coffee, cocktails, salad dressings and more. There are multiple recipes online to explore. Plus, you can come up with your own. Have fun with our products and know that with each bite, you’re enjoying a plethora of benefits.